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The Maker Portfolio is an opportunity for students to showcase their projects that require creative insight, technical skill, and a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning by doing.

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Projects: Projects

Arduino Roses

This is your Project Description. It’s a great place to describe your Project in more detail. Add images and provide visitors with essential information about your work, including the project length, partnerships or any successful outcomes. To hook new potential clients, show how your work has provided solutions for past clients.

Stop IT! Game

Press the button when the corresponding LED is on according to the light display.

RFID Implementation Project

  • Learn the principles of RFID devices

  • Learn how computer programs receive RFID signals and search for other information based on the signals

  • According to the information of different ID cards, the information of the students in the class, the class and the classroom location are displayed on the monitor

Shooting Game Project

  • Use Python programming language

  • Design games with Pygame modules

  • Study the design of the game scene

  • Learn the basic skills of shooting games

Jumping Game Project

  • Use Python programming language

  • Design games with Pygame modules

  • The control and application of different layers in the learning game scene

  • Learn the control and timing of different collision mechanisms in the game

Dodge Game Project

  • Use Godot game engine

  • Learn the design concept between the game engine and game module

  • Learn the use of game engines

Projects: Projects
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