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Internship & Research

Learning from the Professionals

Internship & Research: Clients


Temple City High School, Grade 9

  • Caltech summer research with Physics professor

  • Python

Ivan Luc

Arcadia High School, Grade 10

  • UCLA summer research with Economics professor

  • Web Scrapping using Python to mining economic related words

Brandon Luc

Arcadia High School, Grade 11 (UCLA)

  • UCLA summer research with Engineering professor

  • Using Python to work with Google earth data format for geographical analysis.

Sean Ru

Diamond Bar High School, Grade 11 (Georgia Tech)

  • CSULA summer research with Mechanical Engineering professor

  • Use Arduino to control 12 LX-16A servos for a robot

William Lee

Arcadia High School, Grade 11

  • Caltech summer research with Biology professor

  • Check worm’s life status through video

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