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Dr. Michael Meng

University of Southern California

Dr. Hsinghan (Michael) Meng has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from USC, Master Electrical and Computer Engineering, from Naval Postgraduate School Specialized in Control System, Digital Signal Processing, and Communication Systems and Computer Science.

As the director, he teaches students in math and computer science related subjects, as well as oversees the SAT® Professionals Stem Program which includes Python and Arduino programming, USA Computing Olympiad, and other programming contests. His students will learn the basic principles of programming and the concepts and usage of micro-controller (Arduino). Students’ knowledge will be put to the test with the different projects that give them opportunities to showcase their learning, curiosity, skill, and establish new dimensions of merit.

Areas of Specialization:

  • STEM Program

  • Arduino

  • Programming – Python, R, and Java, C, C++, Matlab

  • AP Science – Computer, and Physics

  • Engineering Academic Planning and Counseling

Dr. Meng: About

"Helped students pave their way to STEM success, complete projects for their internships, receive Python certification, achieve Silver and Gold awards in Computing Olympiads, and come to a higher level of understanding for programming languages."

Dr. Meng: Quote
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