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Bebras Computing Challenge

Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students of all ages.
The Bebras challenge promotes problem-solving skills and Informatics concepts including the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler components, algorithm design, pattern recognition, pattern generalization, and abstraction.



American Computer Science League (ACSL) is an organization that arranges computer science contests for all grade-levels for more than 40 years.
The season consists of 4 contests. Each contest is held at the participating school, and a school's score is the sum of the scores of its highest-scoring students. In each contest, students are given short theoretical and applied questions, and then a programming problem to solve.
At the end of the year, an All-Star Contest on May is held at a common site. Invitations to the All-Star Contest are based on cumulative team scores in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions.

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The United States of America Computing Olympiad (USACO) is a computer programming competition primarily for secondary school students in the United States. The USACO offers four competitions during the academic year in four increasingly difficult divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Competition: Projects
Competition: Gallery
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