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STEM Counseling

by Dr. Meng

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STEM Counseling

For students interested in the Engineering field, we offer different kinds of courses to help them achieve their goals. From learning to code using Python, building their own project for college application portfolio, to summer intern research with top college professors, and encouraging them to participate in all kinds of competition, including Bebras, ACSL, and USACO. This program is led by our senior engineer counselor Dr. Meng.

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Testimonials from Our Students

What's Being Said

I have learned about coding techniques and computer science concepts. This class is comprehensive for the ideas so I have idea of how to solve problems using a certain technique. We did challenging problems in class and for homework, and Dr. Meng's explanation for the solutions are clear and easy to understand.

Peter Du [CAMS 11th]

I have learned a lot about coding, from game design to data analysis to algorithms. More importantly, I learned a way of thinking that would allow me to approach real life problems logically from different perspectives and not limited to the STEM field. I like the overall content structure of the class because everything seems to build up. It met my expectations because I learned what I expect to learn. The materials are well-explained and understandable.

I.L. [Troy HS 12th]

More advanced algorithms and data structures. I liked how the class introduced new programming competitions and team-based competitions, since I would have never known/ had a team to compete with. With practical learning and regularly assigned homework we learned more about the competition.

Anonymous [DBHS 12th]

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